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A Day in Lakka

A Day in Lakka - Paxos Luxury Villas

A day in Lakka

Lakka is a region located on the Paxos, the jewel of the Ionian Islands. In comparison to Gaios, the capital of Paxos Island, Lakka is quite famous merely for its picturesque port and its deep blue waters. Notwithstanding the fact, that Lakka is a tranquil, small place, it provides still reposing, entertaining opportunities for families and friends.

Local tastes and flavours

Lakka is quite famous for its traditional restaurants, known as taverns, namely the “La Piazza Taverna”.  Guests can try tasteful dishes of spaghetti, grill as well as traditional viands, accompanied by Greek beverages. 3km from Lakka, there is “Erimitis Bar-Restaurant”, where tasteful dishes served with delicate cocktails please even the most demanding travellers. The restaurant offers a stunning view the west coar, whereas during the sunset, an idyllic landscape is to be created.

Daily cruises

Both from Gaios and Lakka, travel boats depart every day and offer organised cruises towards the Antipaxos Island as well as the unreachable coasts and the underwater caves. Those cruises are suitable for every age, since they can be adjusted to your own preferences. Travellers can also rent a boat or car, in order to discover the island along with the shoreline. The activity of scuba diving is also provided, because the coasts near Lakka reveal underwater mysteries.


Lakka disposes a variety of shopping, especially when it comes to gifts and souvenirs. Nevertheless, traditional shops are offering special, handmade products, which represent owner’s creativity and local eminence. “Handmade jewellery of “George Apergis”, “Antigoni” and “Taste and Flavor of Olive” constitute some shopping ideas, ideal for making gifts to your beloved ones.