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A week in our luxury villas Part 1

A week in our luxury villas - Paxos Luxury Villas

Have you ever wondered how ideal summer holidays would be like? The answer is simple; There is no better choice than spending 1 week on Paxos Island, a small but priceless summer jewel. Take a look at the following suggestions and organize efficiently your vacation time for your family, your partner and yourself in luxury, private Muscalas Villas.

Paxos Island belongs to the complex of the Ionian Islands with Corfu being the nearest one. In case you are travelling by airplane, you can find direct flights landing in CFU international airport, which will bring you one step closer to dreamy vacations in luxury villas. Having left the airport, you can either take a taxi or a bus, which lead you to the port. During your transport to the port, take advantage of glancing the seashore of Garitsa and admiring the Old Fortress of Corfu. It is an enjoyable route across the Ionian Sea, the Venetian remains and the all-green Spianada square.

As soon as you will arrive at the port, there are 2 ferry lines known as Joy Cruises and Camelia Lines, which will take you to Paxos Island. Within 1 hour and 45 minutes the ferry will have anchored in Gaios Port. Then, it would be better if you rented a car so that you will facilitate your schedule and organise properly your time. Thus, you can reach faster the luxury villas and spare precious time of exploring, relaxing and creating indelible moments. Shall we begin?

Day 1

Assuming that you have already made yourselves in our luxury Musculas Villas, you are more than ready to explore every corner of the island. However, as it is the first day after a long, tiring trip, we suggest you visit the capital of Paxos Island and just take a magical walk down the seashore. Gaios Port is well-known for its stunning views towards the sea and the luxurious yachts which anchor every day. It is a complex of tradition and touristic opportunities, since you can go for shopping as well as sightseeing. Throughout the village, picturesque cottages and narrow paths paint a beautiful landscape, which is surely worth-visiting.

If it is still afternoon, you can enjoy a luscious meal in “Café Kalimera” with many traditional appetizers and a friendly atmosphere. If the sun has gone down, you can drink a refreshing, salty “Margherita”. For those who prefer listening to reggae music, “Libretto Bar” is a perfect option as long as you order special cocktails like “Lovers”, “Kinky Lollipop”, “Omerta” and “Mambo no5”. Enjoy a promising night, but do not take it so far…Second day is a busy day!

Day 2

Wakie, wakie! Time to get up, although the mattress is way too comfortable. Prepare yourselves for a busy day by eating a heavy breakfast and wearing high-protection sunscreen; there are lot of pebbled and sandy coasts for you to explore. One of the most famous all over Paxos Island is almost 200 metres away from Muscalas Villas.

Monodendri beach is suitable both for family holidays and couple get-aways. It is all white pebbled with many shaded spots for your beloved children so that they can play with any fear, whereas the sea is quite as heaven. It is also perfect for couple holidays, since its remarkable landscape creates a sense of romance.

After swimming, you should definitely visit Ben’s Bar, even the most famous bar all over island with free stand-up paddle. However, our options are not limited to one bar; you can also visit “Bastas” restaurant, which is also located in the region of Lakka offering stand-up paddle, too. “Bastas” restaurant is an ideal option for families, since it offers a children’s pool except for the regular swimming pool with free sunbeds and lounge area. The restaurant organises also weddings for those who want to experience the perfect wedding accompanied by a relaxing, still luxurious accommodation in Muscalas Villas.

After all, in case you feel a bit tired, you can take a ride back to the Muscalas Villas and enjoy an evening swimming in our private pools. Besides, what could be better than swimming along with the orange colours of the sunset embracing the leafy surroundings?