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A week in our luxury villas Part 2

A week in our luxury villas Part 2 - Paxos Luxury Villas

Day 3

It is time now to take a step further and add up a bit of adventure in your summer holidays. Although, Muscalas Villas are ideal for beachside holidays, Paxos has more to offer than swimming or lounging by the sea. If you are keen on adventure, here are some suggestions that will help you get lost in the nature.

Paxos constitutes a natural landscape complexity since it combines perfectly sea and mountain. Although it is an island, Paxos is famous for its trekking paths and guided routes. Travellers can get a foretaste of the local nature, since paths unfold through the leafy hills and down to crystallised waters. Those paths are also considered suitable for hiking and mountain-biking, too. Locals have shown their enthusiasm by being gathered into voluntary teams, from which you should take advice for a safe get-away.

On the other hand, if you are a sea lover, we suggest you go for scuba-diving or snorkelling. There are many lacy coasts with rich depths all over the island which welcome you to a crazy adventure. The Water Planet Dive Center is an organised team, which promises to offer an activity full of adrenaline, always accompanied by guaranteed safety measures. Some hidden beaches are “Lokkos Beach”, “Arkoudaki” and “Orkos Beach”, which are close to Muscalas Vilas.

At the end of the day and having experienced lots of activities, take a breath and lounge by the private pools in our luxurious Muscalas Villas. Save your energy for the next day by having a delicious meal by the pool and enjoying a savoury glass of wine. Share beautiful moments with your family, your friends or your partner and save the best for last!

Day 4

What would summer holidays be without a day excursion? Antipaxos Island is a perfect destination both for its traditional village upon the hills and its all-blue, crystal waters. Every day, many ferries embark from Gaios Port to Antipaxos Island and Sivota with high frequency. You can either take a taxi or you rented car and within a few minutes you will arrive from Muscalas Villas to the capital.

In addition, Spiros Boat hire in Loggos can take you both to Antipaxos Island and move you around Paxos Island, in case you need to combine the excursions. Here are some necessary tips and options which will enrich your excursion in Antipaxos.

Antipaxos is a really small island with lots to offer. It is a perfect choice both for families and couples. In case you want to discover it on your own, you can rent a boat and sail along the shoreline. On the other side, daily cruises are suitable for those who want to repose and just enjoy. By arriving in Antipaxos, you should undoubtfully swim in its blue waters and visit its picturesque village. Do not forget to taste its locally produced white wine, which has a unique fragrance.

As soon as you return to Paxos, you can either take a walk around Gaios Port and have a dinner with sea plates in “Meditarraneo”. If you feel a bit tired, we propose you going back to Muscalas Villas and have a quick supper in the luxurious outside dining area. Besides, apart from creating exploration, summer holidays imply some resting moments with your beloved ones with luxurious amenities provided.

Day 5

Wake up, make your coffee and go to the balcony. A morning coffee with the first sunbeams will boost your day and your energy. In Muscalas Villas, you can have all the modern facilities needed. After drinking your coffee, you can relax by the pool and have a quick chit-chat about what is coming next.

It is time to discover more places on the other side of the island. Paxos has many worth-visiting coasts on its west and south part, since it is a shoreline with small and lacy beaches. Take your car and hop from one beach to another. Let us suggest you starting from south, i.e. Mongonisi Beach and then going north. You should make a stop in the well-known “Papanikoli” and “Blue” Caves, from which you can take amazing photos and impress everyone in your Instagram profile.

Last stop should be “Erimitis” beach, since its beautiful sunset will bring you an afterglow. You can wither swim in the embrace of the sunset and the romantic ambience, or you can visit “Erimitis” restaurant to have a proper seafood with a fresh beverage or “Sunset” restaurant, where you can also admire the colourful sky. The closure is to be given in Muscalas Villas, where you can enjoy a restful sleeping under the smell-sweet linens.