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Paxos Trails

Paxos Trails

Discover Paxos through the paths

There are plenty of old paths that link the island from end to end, when there are no cars on the island. Starting from “Bournaos traditional cafe” walk the road to Erimitis. Take the road to the beach and after about 1km (before the 2 villas) walk right to a narrow downhill path – be careful it is very steep. Follow the path and enjoy the breathtaking view as in goes uphill till Kastanida.

Walk north through the dirt road and look to the left to find a small wooden sign that indicates the path to Ipapanti. Then you’ll walk on the edge of the cliff – look left and down there is the cave of Ipapanti which according to the legend was the marble palace of Poseidon and Amfitriti.

On the left edge of the cliff are the Ellinospita (houses of Greeks) which were the inhabitants shelter when pirates appeared. At the dirt road you reach, follow the left uphill road that goes between the stone fences. After 500 meters follow the right road going slightly uphill. This road will lead you to a concrete road. Turn right and go all uphill until you meet the main road. Turn right again and after 100 meters you will see Bournaos café.