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Why is the island group called Paxos?

Why is the island group called Paxos?   The etymology of the word "Paxos"has many interpretations. According to Strabo, the Phoenicians gave their name from their word "paks", which means geometric "trapezoid", an island with a trapezoid shape, as it appears if viewed from the air. Another version claims that a group of inhabitants from the region of Paxountos in Sicily, either out of need or due to partisan raids, left their homeland and settled in Paxos giving it the name of their...

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Olive Trees in Paxos

Paxos Olive Trees Looking from above the island of Paxos, one can see clearly that is totally covered by olive trees. Tree grown for almost two centuries, was introduced by the Venetians as a valuable good. The height here is 7 meters and over, unlike other regions of Greece that is 2 to 3 meters.  The collecting has not really changed for years, as the same method (attached nets or plucking) is used in our days. The period for preparing and...

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Lakka Lighthouse

Lakka Lighthouse - Faros The lighthouse of Lakka or 'Faros' as the locals called is located in the northwest point of the island, 1 km far from Lakka. It is a 3 bedroom ground stone house and a stone built tower. The main house and the tower was built in 1825 and in 1865 included in the Greek lighthouse network.  50 years later the ground fell and both buildings declared uninhabitable. New building construction finally finished in 1916 and entered into...

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Paxos History

The History of Paxos   The birth of the island of Paxos was when Poseidon drilled Corfu with his trident, in order to create a love shelter for his lover Amphitriti. The island came under Roman sovereignty after a short period of Teutonic influence. Thereafter, Paxos and Corfu were ruled by the Venetians who stayed till the late 18th century. By this period there were many threatenings by pirates which led, in 1423 , Baron San Hipolito to build one castle in...

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