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Olive Trees in Paxos

Olive Trees in Paxos

Paxos Olive Trees

Looking from above the island of Paxos, one can see clearly that is totally covered by olive trees. Tree grown for almost two centuries, was introduced by the Venetians as a valuable good. The height here is 7 meters and over, unlike other regions of Greece that is 2 to 3 meters.

The collecting has not really changed for years, as the same method (attached nets or plucking) is used in our days. The period for preparing and collecting the fruit lasts 5 months, from October till March. The earlier picking the olives, with plucking to be less mature, the better quality  olive oil gets (usually shorter trees). After the harvest, the mill follows.

There, the olives that will be grounded with those to be salted will separate.  Oil, paste or salted olives are the main products that you can find in several shops selling local products around the island.