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paxos music festival - paxos festival - villas muscalas

Paxos Music Festival – Irish Wings

Paxos Music Festival   It is to be noted, that since 1986 the Paxos Island entertains one of the most outstanding music festivals all over the Ionian Sea and the Mainland. Every year, it hosts both musicians and travellers as well as festival-lovers for an extraordinary musical experience. John Gough was the one,...

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Paxos Gaios - Paxos port - Gaios port - Villas Muscalas

Why is the island group called Paxos?

Why is the island group called Paxos?   The etymology of the word "Paxos"has many interpretations. According to Strabo, the Phoenicians gave their name from their word "paks", which means geometric "trapezoid", an island with a trapezoid shape, as it appears if viewed from the air. Another version claims that a group of...

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gaios city capital paxos island paxi ionian islands - muscalas villas

A Day in Gaios

Gaios is the main port of Paxos Island, while it is considered the capital of the island. Gaios combines both the traditional beauty with its picturesque dwellings as well as the lace beaches surrounded by an imposing landscape. It is not, thought, to be forgotten, that Gaios offers many chances...

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paxos lakka - paxos pool villas - paxos guide - villas muscalas

A Day in Lakka

Lakka is a region located on the Paxos, the jewel of the Ionian Islands. In comparison to Gaios, the capital of Paxos Island, Lakka is quite famous merely for its picturesque port and its deep blue waters. Notwithstanding the fact, that Lakka is a tranquil, small place, it provides still...

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loggos harbor - paxos loggos - villas muscalas

A Day in Loggos

  Loggos is a small, still worth-visiting village in the wider area of Paxos Island. Thanks to its traditional touches enriched by a blue toned landscape, many tourists are tempted to capture the region’s beauty. Nevertheless, there are few shops and amenities, which add up to the cosmopolitan way of spending...

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Luxurious Sleep in Villas Muscalas

Per garantire il massimo della qualità dei suoi riposi, Villas Muscalas offrono anallergici, igienici e ortopedici materassi. Materassi di grande qualità che può assecondare le più svariate esigenze di riposo. • Il sistema a Molle Bonnel, garantisce una rigidità ed un’indeformabilità tali da offrire condizioni di riposo ottime. • La struttura del...

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Φάρος Λάκκας

<align="center">Lakka Lighthouse - Faros The lighthouse of Lakka or 'Faros' as the locals called is located in the northwest point of the island, 1 km far from Lakka. It is a 3 bedroom ground stone house and a stone built tower. The main house and the tower was built in 1825...

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Chiesa Paxos - Chiesa Lakka - Paxos tradizione - Villas Muscalas

Festa di San Gaios

29 Giugno, processione dell'immagine del Santo, in presenza del Despota accompagnata dalle orchestre filarmoniche di Corfù. Messo a disposizione per questa occasione un traghetto per il trasporto dei visitatori da e per Corfù....

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