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Aurelia Mobile Spa

High-quality professional Spa experience in the comfort of your own area

Aurelia Mobile Spa

Our mission is to provide you with a High-quality professional Spa experience in the comfort of your own area. We have had the totally innovative idea of creating a comfortable Mobile Spa that offers its customers the possibility to enjoy massage & beauty treatments anywhere a client might desire. Cures are offered by our extremely expertise personnel, which consists of seven fully equipped young therapists, each of whom undertakes the responsibility to provide their services at a client's own convenience.

Our company name is "Aurelia Luxury Mobile Spa". We are a perfectly organised Mobile Spain Corfu which has also recently expanded to the island of Paxos. Our foremost target is to offer our clients the possibility to have relaxing and luxurious treatments in the convenience of their own villas, hotel rooms or even of their hired or personal yachts.

Our therapists use the highest quality of aromatic oils and products to relax and pamper our client's bodies and all this in a space of tranquility and relaxation which is also created by using candles and soft music that furthermore increase the luxurious atmosphere of the treatment area.

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