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Luxurious Sleep in Villas Muscalas

Luxurious Sleep In Villas Muscalas

Rest, Relax, Recharge

Enjoy your best sleep ever with the ultimate comfort of the “Hypnos Bed”, inspired from the Greek Ionian beauty.
Sleep into a luxurious bed, custom designed for Muscalas Villas, and have your best sleep every night, and positive energy every morning!

• The core of the mattress is made up of coil springs to support your body.
• Reinforced filter from Italy (special imported antibacterial pad) for the protection of the materials from friction and wear.
• A comfort layer of Ergolatex is added on top of the coils, with the innovative technology Physiomassage®, a raised pattern surface of the materials , which contribute to a cooler and healthier sleep.
• The springs are reinforced with polyurethane for the humidity not to be able to penetrate , so as the mattress doesn’t warp.
• Imported anti-perspirant pad, devoid of ticks, fungi and bacteria.

Feel even more rested by accompanying your bed with Cotton linens, and fluffy Cotton pillows.