Muscalas Villas Paxos
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Monodendri, Paxos


Muscalas Villas History

Paxos Family History

The place where Villas Muscalas are located is called Danilis and got its name from Daniil the first resident of the area who used to live there all alone in his shack. The place is also called Monodentri (one-tree) because, at the time, only one olive tree existed at the beach until the Venetians moved to the island and planted the rest of them.

The Muscalas family used to gather the seeds from the olive trees and carried them on the backs of their donkeys through small paths. The elder Muscalas was a sailor, but after a serious accident he became a fisherman and used to build stone walls, some of them saved until today. It is worth mentioning that right beside the port of Lakka there is an islet which the old fishermen still call the “old Andreas Muscalas corner” as he used to fish there.