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Correspondence and communication
If you request further information or have any other enquiries about the properties, you are encouraged to contact the Villas Muscalas team either by phone or email prior to your booking. However, please note that phone calls are not recorded and not considered part of your booking contract. If you are interested in specific features for the surrounding area and these are not included in the website description, you may have to confirm the details by contacting us. Muscalas villas cannot be held responsible for any errors.

Booking and cancelling policy
When you book your vacation, Muscalas Villas reserves the right to correct any errors or revise the payment prior to confirmation and booking invoice. When you make a booking, you are charged a deposit which equals 30% of the overall cost of your holiday. The balance of the total price must be paid in cash at your arrival date in our property. Muscalas Villas reserves the right to cancel your booking if the deposit will not paid in time.

Change your booking
If you decide to amend your booking after the confirmation invoice has been issued, we will do everything we can to find the best solution for you but this may not be always possible. Any request regarding the booking should be made by the lead named person in written. An administration fee of €25 per person is applied, as well as additional charges that the amendment may incurs. Please note that the charges may increase the closer to the departure date, hence it is recommended to let us know about your booking changes the soonest possible.

Cancellation of your booking
We aim to provide your holiday as booked. Should any problem occur with your booking, Muscalas Villas guarantees that the customers will be advised about the changes the soonest possible. If we appraise that it is necessary to cancel your booking, we reserve the right to do this at any time. Your booking cannot be cancelled less than eight (8) days prior to your departure, unless if this is a result of one event beyond our control such as war, riot, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances that may amount to force majeure.
If you make a major change or cancel your holiday period before departure within which notice of cancellation or major change is received in writing by us.

Cancellation expressed as a % of total holiday cost.

If we make a major change or cancel your holiday period before departure within which notice of cancellation or major change is notified to you

Date by which notification is receivedCharge
More than 60 days prior to villa arrival30% of total cost
45-59 days prior to villa arrival50% of total cost
0-44 days prior to villa arrival100% of total cost
Compensation per personRefund
60 days or moreNo refund
45 – 59 days€15 per person
0 – 44 days€25 per person

Complaints procedure
If any problem occurs during your staying at one of our villas, please let us know the soonest possible. If you have any specific needs or special requests about your booking, please let us know when you make the reservation. We aim to satisfy our customers with our service and meet your requests, but we cannot guarantee that it is always possible. If we fail to meet such requests, this should not be considered an infraction of your contract. We are unable to process any bookings that are conditional upon any special request being met.

Availability of facilities
At the beginning or the end of the summer season, it is likely that fewer facilities than those described on our website may be available in the properties or the local area. This may include swimming pool at the beach, restaurants in Monodendri beach and beach facilities. Nevertheless, Muscalas Villas will notice and advise you about the withdrawal of any facilities as soon as such changes are known.

Damages or losses
You are reliable for any damage or loss caused to the allocated properties during your staying and we will request a refund if anything happens. In the event of a burglary due to neglect on the part of the tenant, e.g. if you forget doors or windows open, you will be requested to pay a refund for the damage.

Passports and visas
Muscalas Villas cannot be held responsible for your particular passport and visa requirements or other immigration and travel documents. You will need to confirm this with the relevant Embassies and Consulates at your home country prior to departure. Failure to travel is not our responsibility.

Flight cancellation
Muscalas Villas cannot be held responsible if your flight is cancelled due to strikes or adverse weather conditions and we will not be able to issue a refund for your booking cancellation. Although, we aim to try our best to satisfy our customers, hence in the event of flight cancellation, let us know the soonest to explore possible solutions. Villas Muscalas cannot be held responsible if we cannot change your booking arrangements.