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Antipaxos - Ionian islands best beaches - Greece crystal water - Villas Muscalas

Antipaxos Island

How do I get there? Antipaxos Island is located just next to the Paxos Island, where it belongs to the municipality of Corfu. It is quite easily accessible with the public transportation as well as by your own yacht. Both from Corfu and Paxos Island, there are daily planed routes, which...

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luxury villas in paxos - villas muscalas

A week in our luxury villas Part 3

Day 6   Since it is your last whole day, we propose you visit some hidden beaches for a relaxing closure. “Kipiadi” and “Kipos” coasts are in the wider region between Loggos and Gaios and only a few kilometres away from Muscalas Villas. Another option would be “Harami” coast, which is merely...

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paxos private villas - luxury villas in paxos - villas muscalas

A week in our luxury villas Part 2

Day 3   It is time now to take a step further and add up a bit of adventure in your summer holidays. Although, Muscalas Villas are ideal for beachside holidays, Paxos has more to offer than swimming or lounging by the sea. If you are keen on adventure, here are some...

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paxos pool villas - paxos villas with pool - villas muscalas

A week in our luxury villas Part 1

Have you ever wondered how ideal summer holidays would be like? The answer is simple; There is no better choice than spending 1 week on Paxos Island, a small but priceless summer jewel. Take a look at the following suggestions and organise efficiently your vacation time for your family, your...

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paxos music festival - paxos festival - villas muscalas

Paxos Music Festival – Irish Wings

Paxos Music Festival   It is to be noted, that since 1986 the Paxos Island entertains one of the most outstanding music festivals all over the Ionian Sea and the Mainland. Every year, it hosts both musicians and travellers as well as festival-lovers for an extraordinary musical experience. John Gough was the one,...

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valentine's day - paxos villas - couple holidays - villas muscalas

Valentines Day Offer

Have you ever thought of giving your significant other the perfect Valentine's Day gift? You've now got the chance to book our private, luxury villas on Paxos Island! Whether you love to lounge by the private pool, or just take in the stunning sea views, this will be the ideal...

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loggos harbor - paxos loggos - villas muscalas

A Day in Loggos

  Loggos is a small, still worth-visiting village in the wider area of Paxos Island. Thanks to its traditional touches enriched by a blue toned landscape, many tourists are tempted to capture the region’s beauty. Nevertheless, there are few shops and amenities, which add up to the cosmopolitan way of spending...

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paxos lakka - paxos pool villas - paxos guide - villas muscalas

A Day in Lakka

A day in Lakka   Lakka is a region located on the Paxos, the jewel of the Ionian Islands. In comparison to Gaios, the capital of Paxos Island, Lakka is quite famous merely for its picturesque port and its deep blue waters. Notwithstanding the fact, that Lakka is a tranquil, small place,...

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gaios city capital paxos island paxi ionian islands - muscalas villas

A day in Gaios

A day in Gaios   Gaios is the main port of Paxos Island, while it is considered the capital of the island. Gaios combines both the traditional beauty with its picturesque dwellings as well as the lace beaches surrounded by an imposing landscape. It is not, thought, to be forgotten, that Gaios...

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paxos meaning - what the word paxos means - villas muscalas

Why is the island group called Paxos?

Why is the island group called Paxos?   The etymology of the word "Paxos"has many interpretations. According to Strabo, the Phoenicians gave their name from their word "paks", which means geometric "trapezoid", an island with a trapezoid shape, as it appears if viewed from the air. Another version claims that a group of...

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greek traditional cafe - bournaos cafe - paxos cafe - villas muscalas

Bournaos Cafe

Bournaos Cafe is the meeting point at the center of the island where locals and tourists stop for a Greek coffee, a tsipouro or a spoon of local desert. Amazing interior with few tables and all the original decorative items from the last 50 years (maybe more?). There is also...

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paxos old woman - paxos olive trees - paxos olives - villas muscalas

Olive Trees in Paxos

Paxos Olive Trees Looking from above the island of Paxos, one can see clearly that is totally covered by olive trees. Tree grown for almost two centuries, was introduced by the Venetians as a valuable good. The height here is 7 meters and over, unlike other regions of Greece that is...

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paxos cocktail - paxos nightlife - paxos beach - villas muscalas

Nightlife in Paxos

When the night falls, elegant well dressed people appear in the streets affirming the island's reputation as executive destination. In Gaios there are plenty of choices in delicious fish or meat dishes that will satisfy every desire. After your meal, you can enjoy fresh made cocktails by the seaside or...

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paxos trail - paxos west coast trail - paxos paths - villas muscalas

Paxos Trails

Discover Paxos through the paths   There are plenty of old paths that link the island from end to end, when there were no cars on the island. Starting from "Bournaos traditional cafe" walk the road to Erimitis. Take the road to the beach and after about 1km (before the 2 villas)...

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Paxos villas with private pool - Villas Muscalas

Luxurious Sleep in Villas Muscalas

Rest, Relax, Recharge Enjoy your best sleep ever with the ultimate comfort of the "Hypnos Bed", inspired from the Greek Ionian beauty. Sleep into a luxurious strom bed, custom designed for Muscalas Villas, and have your best sleep every night , and positive energy every morning! • The core of the mattress is...

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faro lakka - faros laka - villas muscalas

Lakka Lighthouse

Lakka Lighthouse - Faros The lighthouse of Lakka or 'Faros' as the locals called is located in the northwest point of the island, 1 km far from Lakka. It is a 3 bedroom ground stone house and a stone built tower. The main house and the tower was built in 1825...

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Ionian Islands Emble - Ionian Islands Symbol - Villas Muscalas

Paxos History

The History of Paxos   The birth of the island of Paxos was when Poseidon drilled Corfu with his trident, in order to create a love shelter for his lover Amphitriti. The island came under Roman sovereignty after a short period of Teutonic influence. Thereafter, Paxos and Corfu were ruled by the...

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Τσικνοπέμπτη - Villas Muscalas

Tsiknopempti Greek Culture

“Tsiknopempti” is the name of the day in Greece that marks the official start of the carnival festivities. The day is celebrated on a Thursday and consists of the words “tsikna” (smell of burning food) and Pempti (which is Greek for Thursday). According to the Greek Orthodox tradition, the people who...

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Paxos festival - Paxos luxury villas - Villas Muscalas

Classical Music Festival

Each September the Classical Music Festival takes place, organized by the the Cultural Association of the island and the Paxos Festival Trust Limited, with the participation of foreign and local artists....

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Paxos church - Villas Muscalas

Religious Events in Paxos Islands

On June 29, the prosecution of the image of Saint Gaios takes place with the presence of the bishop and the philharmonic of Corfu. A ferry boat takes care of the transportation of the visitors from and to Corfu....

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