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Antipaxos Travel Information

Located just three miles from the port of Gaios, Paxos. Very beautiful little island with magical and notorious beaches that have given the island the name of Greek Blue Lagoon.

The island is covered by low vegetation, cypresses, oaks, junipers, myrtle, pine and pine nuts in isolated areas that stand out due to their height and volume. Furthermore, the place is filled with vineyards that produce excellent wine, which makes it a paradise for wine lovers from all over the world, fairly the whole island is considered to be a large vineyard. The wines of Antipaxi have a peculiarity in taste and are highly sought after, because the production is relatively small. Adamis, Glykeras, Tsookaniaris, Lianorogo, Asproudi are amongst the varieties of white wine that thrive at the island, while Fidias and Petrokorintho are amongst the varieties of red wine.

Locals are only a few, always kind and welcoming who naturally are engaged in viticulture and tourism. The first inhabitants of the island, likewise in many other places in Paxos, are said to be some families from Souli that migrated there at the beginnings of the 19th century after their hometown was completely destroyed. In the early years of their arrival the locals used to call them “bears”, but nowadays they have blended in to the point of having a flag with the bear as its main symbol.

Transport to Antipaxos is possible mainly with small boats, while many tour and private jets often visit the island.


Agrapidia is the only port of the island and all transportations to the island of Paxos start from there. The Port is filled with fishing boats and private jets that belong to the locals and also can take someone to the island of Paxos. Some of the famous beaches of Antipaxi are: Voutoumi, Mesovrika, Rodovani, Sarakiniko.