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A day in Gaios

A day in Gaios

A day in Gaios

Gaios is the main port of Paxos Island, while it is considered the capital of the island. Gaios combines both the traditional beauty with its picturesque dwellings as well as the lace beaches surrounded by an imposing landscape. It is not, thought, to be forgotten, that Gaios offers many chances for a busy nightlife, shopping as well as sightseeing.

During the day

Scuba diving

Gaios appeals a big flow of tourists, who are more than pleased to be accommodated in the city centre. Gaios offers a range of possibilities, suitable for day activities. Referring to the day, next to the town Gaios, many lacy beaches with crystal waters are provided for scuba diving, an exploration to the sea depths. In case you adore scuba diving, the Water Planet Dive Center pledges to offer an adventurous experience, which can add up to the outmost life moments.

Drinking and eating

Those who are more into reposing and tranquillity, Gaios has a range of cafes and Greek taverns, where anyone can taste local viands and take a journey through a feast of intense flavours and dishes. Cafe “Kalimera”, which welcomes guests during the daytime, since its meaning in Greek is “good morning”, has refreshing beverages and tasteful antipasti for a short, enjoyable break. By reaching the harbour early in the morning, you can buy fresh fish and then create your own, tasteful dish.

Daily excursions

You should not forget to get on a cruise, which will transfer you to undiscovered, isolated coasts, as well as to the beautiful island of Antipaxos. You can also rent a boat to explore properly the island mysteries on your own. Paxos Island is considered as safe destination for families with little children, too, since it has its own peaceful and extremely safe pace.

Getting lost in the town

Nevertheless, just a walking tour around the Gaios town could be more than enough to offer you relaxing holidays moments. Either with family and friends, or by yourself, you can wander around the narrow paths of Gaios, admire the traditional, intensely coloured buildings and take a deep breath while standing on the edge of the port˙ because a breath-taking view will engage the orange colours of the sky with the blue tones of the sea during the twilight.