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Antipaxos Island

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How do I get there?

Antipaxos Island is located just next to the Paxos Island, where it belongs to the municipality of Corfu. It is quite easily accessible with the public transportation as well as by your own yacht. Both from Corfu and Paxos Island, there are daily planed routes, which arrive in a reasonable time to Antipaxos Island. On the contrary, many travel agencies organise every-day cruises both to Paxos and Antipaxos islands, since the excursion would not be the same without a remarkable visit to the latest one.

Lacy coastline with amazing surroundings

Antipaxos Island is reputable for its fabulous coasts, where no one could deny that nature lavishly bejewelled that place. It is about a God’s gift, since the lacy coasts are covered by a golden sand, where blue, almost transparent waves embrace the sandy surface. The most famous coasts are Voutoumi  Vrika. In addition, Antipaxos is the ideal places for those who love diving, since it teems with caves and underwater paths, ready to be crossed and discovered.

The village

Antipaxos village is quite a small settlement, although it is a popular destination. Besides the Voutoumi and Vrika beaches, there are also two taverns, which offer palatable dishes, mainly with fresh sea food. High above Voutoumi beach, there is also the “Bella Vista” tavern, which serves local dishes with a good selection of fresh fish, too.

The scenery is quite differentiated from Paxos Island, since it is lavished by olive groves. Antipaxos has fruitful grounds, where most of the vine yards are planted. Walking through the passages, you will reach the picturesque village of Vigla. By continuing crossing a maze of narrow paths, you will come across finally with the vineyards and the thick vegetation of orchids. You should not forget to taste the local made, rich red wine.