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A Day in Loggos

A Day in Loggos - Paxos Luxury Villas

Loggos is a small, still worth-visiting village in the wider area of Paxos Island. Thanks to its traditional touches enriched by a blue toned landscape, many tourists are tempted to capture the region’s beauty. Nevertheless, there are few shops and amenities, which add up to the cosmopolitan way of spending holiday moments.

Reposing dinner moments

In Loggos, many traditional taverns entice guests to taste many seafood dishes, while drinking Greek alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Mainly, “o Gios” Taverna is situated along with the coastline of its port, offering a breath-taking view towards the blue Ionian shores. Also, “Taxidi” bar constitutes an ideal choice for an exciting night-out, since its remarkable feature are its ambrosial cocktails. “Roxi Bar” in Loggos promises jubilation after a long, tiring day, where guests can experience the moment.

Discover and repose

Loggos offer you the option for a daily cruise through the marvellous landmarks of the Paxos Island. By travelling on the sea, you can easily discover some rocky or sandy coasts, caves and anchorages, which, on the other hand, would be accessed only through rutty roads. It is about a dreamy castaway, which fulfils every preference and need for exaltation.


You should definitely take a moment on visiting the traditional building, located on the parking. Its architectural style dates back to the first construction designs of Paxos Island. Its traditional touches will unquestionably transfer you to the old times, since it illustrates the classic way of the villagers’ living. In Loggos, you can also visit the “Bella Vista” Tavern not only for its delicious meals, but also for its superb views down the sea and the stony windmill.