Muscalas Villas Paxos
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Monodendri, Paxos

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Nightlife in Paxos

When the night falls, elegant well dressed people appear in the streets affirming the island’s reputation as executive destination. In Gaios there are plenty of choices in delicious fish or meat dishes that will satisfy every desire. After your meal, you can enjoy fresh made cocktails by the seaside or in the paved streets . Notice that the music volume is lowered at 2 a.m. In the center of the island, Loggos is famous for the fish tavernas. Try gourmet or local dishes sitting waterfront. Don’t miss the 2 bars set on the edge of the port and take a walk around. Lakka, in the northern end of the island, is full of restaurants serving local dishes. There is also a delicate fish restaurant with a backyard above the water.Visit the bars in the jetty for good music selections and splendid cocktails.


paxos night - paxos nightlife - gaios night - villas muscalas


paxos cocktail - paxos nightlife - paxos beach - villas muscalas


paxos night - paxos nightlife - paxos loggos - villas muscalas